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...... I started painting a copy of a "Caravaggio"

As a student ......

at Kingston College of Art back in 1974. It was

there that I graduated with a Fine Art honours 

degree in 1976 and after an eleven year gap, I

eventually finished my copy of "Supper at Emmaus" in 1987.

 Film strip.jpg

Animation ......

...... became a passion of mine during my time at art college.

I subsequently went on to have a successful career as an 

animator/art director on many TV commercials, spanning

almost 40 years. I also worked on a feature length film in

America, as well as several children's cartoon series, 

including "Tractor Tom" and "Fireman Sam".

Me in studio 10.jpg

My studio .... where I now spend many

a happy hour, painting. It's in

the back garden of my home

in Dorset. 

I have now managed to develop a much looser style, very 

unlike the days of my Caravaggio painting that I started at 

college.  I enjoy experimenting with plenty of texture,

including egg shells, sand, bits of fibre, material, heavy  

medium gel and whatever I feel will enhance my work.

Glue Hill sign 03.jpg

Serious painter ??.....

....well yes of course....... but maybe not always......couldn't

resist making an addition to the sign for "GLUE HILL", the

road opposite my house.

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