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Abstracts x 6 pics.jpg

Scroll down to see large image of each painting.

Large abstract in acrylics with heavy gel medium, texture paste and other great texture paint techniques.

Abstract 01 (acrylic on canvas) 190cms x 100cms

Large abstract in acrylics using masking tape and designed in photoshop.

Abstract 02 (acrylic on canvas) 190cms x 100cms

Acrylic abstract with plenty of texture.

Abstract 03 (acrylic on canvas) 102cms x 80cms

Nine Eleven abstract textured painting.

Abstract 04 (acrylic on canvas) 75cms x 102cms

"Across the Water" Abstract painting in acrylics.

Abstract 05 (acrylic on canvas) 70cms x 88cms

Gethyn Davies Art acrylic abstract painting

Abstract 06 (acrylic on canvas) 122cms x 92cms

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