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Acrylic Paintings. Oil Paintings. Watercolour paintings.

Scroll down to see large image of each painting.

Aerial seascape painting in acrylic with great use of texture techniques including broken eggshell and various gel mediums and acrylic texture paste.

Aerial Seascape 01 (acrylic on canvas) 121cms x 90cms

Chelsea flower show acrylic painting with various heavy gel mediums.

Garden at Chelsea (acrylic on paper) 62cms x 42cms

Watercolour of London street.

Berwick Street to Centre Point (watercolour) 39cms x 41cms

Field of trees acrylic texture painting designed in photoshop.

Field of trees (acrylic on paper) 62cms x 42cms

Self portrait oil painting.

Self Portrait 1975 (oil on canvas) 70cms x 53cms

Caravaggio, Supper at Emmaus. Copy in oils.

Copy of Caravaggio, Supper at Emmaus (oil on canvas) 152cms x 105cms

Caravaggio, Supper at Emmaus copy detail. Oil painting.

Caravaggio detail (oil on canvas)

Self portrait oils.

Self Portrait 1974 (oil on canvas) 45cms x 45cms

French bar painting in acrylics.

The French Bar (acrylic on canvas) 80cms x 102cms

Watercolour and photoshop portrait.

Portrait of Pam (watercolour) 37cms x 42cms

Venice watercolour

Venice House (watercolour) 31cms x 24cms)

French waterwheel. Watercolour, Normandy, France.

Waterwheel in Normandy, France (watercolour) 34cms x 27cms

Rugby acrylic painting. Six Nations Wales v. France 2017

Six Nations, Wales v. France 2017 (acrylic on canvas) 62cms x 76cms

Edie portrait FINAL.jpg

Portrait of Edith (acrylic on canvas) 46cms x 34 cms

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