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Stormy skies at Westward Ho! s.jpg

Stormy Skies at Westward Ho! (acrylic on canvas 90cms x 60cms)

From the bridge FINISHED S copy.jpg

View from the bridge at Sturminster Newton 01 (acrylic on canvas 61cms x 45cms)


Yellowstone Finished painting S copy.jpg

Winter in Yellowstone (acrylic on canvas 90cms x 60cms)

The Trailway Finished S.jpg

The Trailway near Shillingstone, Dorset (acrylic on canvas 77cms x 61cms)

View towards the Bridge Finished S.jpg

View Towards Sturminster Newton Bridge (acrylic on canvas 102cms x 76cms)

Hambledon Painting Oct 2021 S.jpg

Hambledon Hill 02 (acrylic on canvas (91cms x 61cms)

Near Shaftesbury, Dorset Finished s copy

Fields Near Shaftesbury, Dorset (acrylic on Canvas 60cms x 60cms)

In the Woods Finished S copy.jpg

The Bluebell Woods (acrylic on canvas 90cms x 90cms)

Hambledon Hill Finished S copy.jpg

Hambledon Hill 01 (acrylic on canvas 90cms x 90cms)

From the Bridge Large finished (s).jpg

 View from the Bridge at Sturminster Newton 02 (acrylic on canvas 127cms x 101cms)

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